F1, Brazilian GP racing: The samba prom with the 20 fastest “machines” in the world (Part 2)

The difference in height on the track and the rounded corners make Jose Carlos Pace one of the most challenging and exciting tracks in the annual race schedule. Sao Paulo and Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace are still favorite destinations in F1 schedule, but there are many rumors that Brazilian GP will move to Rio De Janero with a new modern race track and stronger financial potential in the 3-4 years to come.

As announced from FIA, this year’s DRS region will be the same as previous events with 2 active regions. Zone 1 is set in the straight line after corner 3 to the end of sector 1 before entering corner 4 with the specified point in the middle of the famous Senna ā€˜Sā€™ segment. Zone 2 starts after the corner of the 14th corner crossing the starting/destination line with the specified point after crab 13, the starting point of the uphill segment.

In addition to technical challenges, the track requires riders to have the best physical condition. High humidity and rainy weather this month in Interlagos will be a great challenge to the ability of the racers.

List of selected competition tires (according to Pirelli)

Pirelli brings Brazilian GP tires Hard (white, C1), Medium (yellow, C2), Soft (red, C3). Compared to the US race, the same color and name Hard/white – Medium/yellow – Soft/red, but the tire index C1-C2-C3 in Interlagos this weekend will be different than the last C2-C3-C4 in Austin.

The rubber mixture surface will be harder and more durable to accommodate the wet weather in this lowland. As usual, Mercedes opted for a ‘hard’ approach over Ferrari and Red Bull. They are one of only two teams to choose only 8 sets of Soft tires with McLaren. Alfa Romeo, Toro Rosso and Williams choose 9 Soft sets while the rest have 10 Soft sets.

Based on the selection of competitor tires, most likely with the “red” strategy for trial run and race, and at the same time allocate the tactic on 2 more durable tire colors for the official race day. Scenario 1 pit stop is likely to occur if the race day does not have many safe car situations.