F1 racing – behind Lightning McQueen is the battle of Guido (Part 2)

Transportation usually starts 3 hours after each race, on Sunday night or Monday morning (if the race took place the night before). After the race car completes the inspection procedures (precaution against rules), the technician will disassemble the race car into many details. The engine and gearbox are disassembled, along with the front and rear spoilers, and so on. Each is packed in foam padded boxes. Sometimes, people use an explosion-proof plastic bag to protect the paint coating.

The chassis has a separate parcel box for protection. The team takes about 3 to 6 hours to pack, clean up. Done, all will be delivered to the official transport partner of the notes race. They will either board a plane to reach races outside Europe, or follow a tractor to races along the continent.

Behind the success of speed racers is the strong technical and logistics team. Victory in the F1 racing also reflects the strength of the world’s leading automobile corporations.

Because most of the racing teams are based in Europe, logistics for the races taking place in the old continent (about 10 races) seems more compact. Everything will be transported by road, with specialized tractors. These vehicles pull long containers decorated with the unique style of each team.

These vehicles are also extremely special designed, sometimes also work as a technical meeting room for the team. With the races going on for 2 consecutive weeks, the preparation time was extremely tight. Furniture must be available at the next racetrack within 36 hours for technicians to assemble the vehicle.

Another difficulty is the weather, which humans cannot control. Like when Phanfone storm covered Japan 2014 GP race, all logistics teams had to work in heavy rain and wind, limited visibility, dangerous (this race even witnessed an accident leading to the departure of racer Jules Bianchi). Yet less than 7 days later, all had to get ready for the 2014 Russian GP race, where the Sochi racetrack first greeted F1 village. Despite the storms and storms, the logistics team cannot back down, still must race against time, because the immediate race cannot be delayed.

Do you remember the arrogant face of the guy Guido in the animated film Cars released in 2006? Never underestimate those Guido boys. Without them, the track doesn’t have Lightning McQueen.