F1 racing season: Ferrari trusts Vettel instead of Lewis Hamilton

On the occasion of introducing Ferrari’s new model car for Formula One, the SF1000 earlier this week, executive chairman John Elkann confirmed that Sebastian Vettel will join Charles Leclerc for the 2020 season.

So far, the Ferrari leadership has decided to continue to trust Sebastian Vettel, instead of enticing British superstar Lewis Hamilton to race with Charles Leclerc. Not only executive chairman John Elkann confirmed, but also team manager Mattia Binotto also confirmed this. Mattia Binotto said the German driver was still “No. 1” for the 2021 season, even though it was reported that Lewis Hamilton was ready to join the Italian racing team.

Ferrari renews his contract with Charles Leclerc until 2024: Sebastian Vettel is in danger

The disclosure of boss Mattia Binotto and Charles Leclerc’s contract extension showed that Sebastian Vettel was forced to excel in the 2020 season.

F1 Ferrari has just decided to extend the contract with young talent  until 2014. The reason is that in the first season playing for the Italian team, the Monaco man had better performance than his senior Sebastian Vettel 4 times the World Championship.

Leclerc’s five-year contract also means that Ferrari is backing young riders, making Sebastian Vettel no longer the team’s first choice. Known for this new contract, Leclerc earns 3 times more than the previous season, it is reported that he gets about $ 9 million/season since the 2020 season.

Boss Mattia Binotto did not bring good news for Sebastian Vettel

Before that, Leclerc was on a Ferrari Academy contract and had to drive for Sauber in the first F1 season. The contract is valid until 2022, but due to his rapid progress, Ferrari has to raise his salary to avoid losing him.

As a result, now the future of Sebastian Vettel is extremely uncertain, especially when boss Mattia Binotto announced in the 2020 season, Ferrari does not have “number one driver”. Binotto’s announcement meant that the upcoming Vettel and Leclerc did not need to yield to each other and most likely if the German racer did not perform better, he had to leave the team to make room for Lewis Hamilton who was about to end his contract with Mercedes.