Indefinite postponement of the Chinese race due to corona epidemic

The 4th race of the F1 2020 season in Shanghai, China is officially delayed indefinitely due to concerns over impact of corona virus disease (officially called Covid-19).

The recent outbreak of the coronary pneumonia outbreak (officially known as Covid-19) in recent weeks in China has caused the FIA ​​World Racing Federation and the organizers of Formula One to race out. notice of indefinite postponement of stage 4 F1 2020 will take place in Shanghai from April 17 to 19.

Recently, the FIA ​​and F1 organizers released information about the acceptance of the ChineseGP organizers’ request for the delay of stage 4 F1 2020 in Shanghai. It is known that the organizers of stage 4 F1 2020 – Juss Sports Group, China Sports Racing Federation and Shanghai Ministry of Sports have officially made a request for the delay of stage 4 F1 Heineken Chinese GP to take place at the road. Shanghai International Circuit race in April here due to concerns about acute pneumonia caused by corona virus.

FIA shared the decision: “Due to concerns about the health of team members, the audience and the Earlier on 11/2, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – Director General of the World Health Organization WHO made a statement about coronary pneumonia caused by virus is a serious threat to the world in general. Mr. Tedros also said that, with 99% of the cases recorded so far are from China, this is really an emergency for this country in particular and the rest of the world in general.

So far, more than 60,000 cases have been recorded and the number of casualties exceeds 1,370 and most are from China. This is really a problem to consider with a sports event with the participation of fans around the world.

After making a decision to suspend stage 4 F1 2020 in Shanghai, FIA and F1 will have meetings with racing teams to give the appropriate time to organize the race in China. There have been reports that, the last race of the F1 2020 season in Abu Dhabi will be back in time to make room for the ChineseGP race, but so far, the information has not been confirmed.

Thus after BahrainGP in 2011 was postponed due to internal instability, ChineseGP was the first F1 race to be postponed due to disease outbreak.