Seven F1 racing teams oppose Ferrari

An unclear agreement between Ferrari and FIA racing team, causing seven F1 teams threatened to take the matter to court.

These seven teams include McLaren, Mercedes, Racing Point, Red Bull, Renault, Alpha Tauri and Williams. The other three teams of F1 – Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Haas – all use Ferrari engines.

This is a rare time for most F1 racing teams to send a general message to the other team and FIA. They want to know the investigation thoroughly. “We openly express our views, want FIA to publish fully and in detail the incident, to ensure that all racing teams are treated fairly and objectively. We do so on behalf of the fans, the hands. race and F1 owners. Moreover, we reserve the right to legal compensation, in accordance with FIA’s procedural standards and competent courts.”

If FIA makes no move, the seven racing teams can take the matter to court, claim compensation.

On February 28, FIA announced the conclusion of a Ferrari investigation into misconduct. This announcement was deemed short and vague. They say an agreement has been reached with Ferrari, and the deal is kept private, internally on both sides. FIA did not say if Ferrari’s engine would violate the regulations.

The public also doubted the conclusion from the FIA, but they thought that Ferrari had broken the law. In a way, the Italian racing team was not publicly punished. journalist Ben Stevens wrote: “The FIA’s conclusions can be understood as follows: We have carefully examined the charge that Ferrari exceeded the refueling limit of 100 kg per hour, 2019. We concluded The allegation is justified. Instead of punishing Ferrari, we let them correct themselves, as if they were kids who broke a neighbor’s window. ”

Last season, Ferrari won the Belgian and Italian stages – the speediest cathedrals. They also finished first in Singapore. But in the end, Ferrari was still far behind the Mercedes champion. They finished second overall, on Red Bull, McLaren and Renault.