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F1 racing – behind Lightning McQueen is the battle of Guido (Part 2)

Transportation usually starts 3 hours after each race, on Sunday night or Monday morning (if the race took place the night before). After the race car completes the inspection procedures (precaution against rules), the technician will disassemble the race car into many details. The engine and gearbox are disassembled, along with the front and rear spoilers, and so on. Each is packed in foam padded boxes. Sometimes, people use an explosion-proof plastic bag to protect the paint coating.

The chassis has a separate parcel box for protection. The team takes about 3 to 6 hours to pack, clean up. Done, all will be delivered to the official transport partner of the notes race. They will either board a plane to reach races outside Europe, or follow a tractor to races along the continent.

Behind the success of speed racers is the strong technical and logistics team. Victory in the F1 racing also reflects the strength of the world’s leading automobile corporations.

Because most of the racing teams are based in Europe, logistics for the races taking place in the old continent (about 10 races) seems more compact. Everything will be transported by road, with specialized tractors. These vehicles pull long containers decorated with the unique style of each team.

These vehicles are also extremely special designed, sometimes also work as a technical meeting room for the team. With the races going on for 2 consecutive weeks, the preparation time was extremely tight. Furniture must be available at the next racetrack within 36 hours for technicians to assemble the vehicle.

Another difficulty is the weather, which humans cannot control. Like when Phanfone storm covered Japan 2014 GP race, all logistics teams had to work in heavy rain and wind, limited visibility, dangerous (this race even witnessed an accident leading to the departure of racer Jules Bianchi). Yet less than 7 days later, all had to get ready for the 2014 Russian GP race, where the Sochi racetrack first greeted F1 village. Despite the storms and storms, the logistics team cannot back down, still must race against time, because the immediate race cannot be delayed.

Do you remember the arrogant face of the guy Guido in the animated film Cars released in 2006? Never underestimate those Guido boys. Without them, the track doesn’t have Lightning McQueen.









F1, Brazilian GP racing: The samba prom with the 20 fastest “machines” in the world (Part 2)

The difference in height on the track and the rounded corners make Jose Carlos Pace one of the most challenging and exciting tracks in the annual race schedule. Sao Paulo and Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace are still favorite destinations in F1 schedule, but there are many rumors that Brazilian GP will move to Rio De Janero with a new modern race track and stronger financial potential in the 3-4 years to come.

As announced from FIA, this year’s DRS region will be the same as previous events with 2 active regions. Zone 1 is set in the straight line after corner 3 to the end of sector 1 before entering corner 4 with the specified point in the middle of the famous Senna ‘S’ segment. Zone 2 starts after the corner of the 14th corner crossing the starting/destination line with the specified point after crab 13, the starting point of the uphill segment.

In addition to technical challenges, the track requires riders to have the best physical condition. High humidity and rainy weather this month in Interlagos will be a great challenge to the ability of the racers.

List of selected competition tires (according to Pirelli)

Pirelli brings Brazilian GP tires Hard (white, C1), Medium (yellow, C2), Soft (red, C3). Compared to the US race, the same color and name Hard/white – Medium/yellow – Soft/red, but the tire index C1-C2-C3 in Interlagos this weekend will be different than the last C2-C3-C4 in Austin.

The rubber mixture surface will be harder and more durable to accommodate the wet weather in this lowland. As usual, Mercedes opted for a ‘hard’ approach over Ferrari and Red Bull. They are one of only two teams to choose only 8 sets of Soft tires with McLaren. Alfa Romeo, Toro Rosso and Williams choose 9 Soft sets while the rest have 10 Soft sets.

Based on the selection of competitor tires, most likely with the “red” strategy for trial run and race, and at the same time allocate the tactic on 2 more durable tire colors for the official race day. Scenario 1 pit stop is likely to occur if the race day does not have many safe car situations.






F1, Brazilian GP racing: The samba prom with the 20 fastest “machines” in the world (Part 1)

The 2019 season reaches the penultimate race to take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The 20 th race, Brazilian Grand Prix, held in the land of skilled football, Samba and passionate carnival; and the cradle of Aryton Senna, the legendary F1 driver of the world racing village who was honored at the event last weekend.

Interlagos racetrack is located on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, the most crowded city in Brazil and was formed in 1936 to organize domestic tournaments and several renovations before officially joining the Formula 1 race, the voice of Aryton Senna, the city council called for investment and designed a completely new version for Interlagos; Since then the track has some additional changes in accordance with the new safety standards and up to date.

The race to inaugurate the new racetrack structure was organized in 1990 with the victory of Alain Prost and Ferrari racing team, followed by Gerhard Berger and Ayrton Senna’s “hero”, both McLaren-Honda.

The all-new Interlagos was officially called Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, the name of a famous Brazilian racer in the 1960s. He had an impressive career playing at many famous European races of that period; once won Brazilian GP only once in 1974 in Martini Racing.

An additional information, the Martini Racing was developed by the famous British racing car company Brabham with a Cosworth V8 engine. In the 1970-1980 period, the team was owned by Bernie Ecclestone with later established associates like Gordon Murray, Ron Dennis, Charlie Whiting. The image of the Martini Racing was recreated with the design of the Williams car from Massa era. and Bottas helm the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

Roadmap & DRS zone (according to FIA)

Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace has the direction of running counter-clockwise with a total length of 4,309 km including 15 low and high speed corners interwoven requiring high steering skills from the racer. At the same time, a height of 700m above sea level in Sao Paulo is a challenge for all. The riders compete 71 laps with a total journey of 305,909 km. The fastest lap time of 1 minute 10,540 set by Bottas of Mercedes team in 2018.







Michael Schumacher’s son will join the F1 racing tounament

With the title of F3 World Championship, Mick Schumacher, the legendary son Michael Schumacher has accumulated enough points to qualify for F1.

On October 13, the race to decide the championship of the F3 World Cup took place in Hockenheim city, Germany. Before entering this race, Mick Schumacher, the legendary son of F1 Michael Schumacher holds a big advantage to be able to take the throne this season.

No surprises occurred at the Hockenheim racecourse. Only finished second after Estonian, Juri Vips but with 347 points, 19-year-old driver officially became the new champion of the tournament.

After 12 stages, Mick brought 8 wins to the Prema team. This can be considered a great progress of this driver if he knows that this is his second professional season. In the first season, the 19-year-old racer finished in 12th place.

Not only that, with this result, Mick has accumulated enough points and conditions to be able to participate in the prestigious Formula One race from next season.

Of course, in theory, this racer must attend F2 before he can compete in F1. Still, he was able to make the leap, much like his father did in 1990.

In the tournament that year, Michael Schumacher convincingly ascended the throne. And just a year later, he made his Jordan team debut at F1 before moving to Benetton for the next season.

On the Mercedes side, the motor sponsor of the Prema racing team, they also could not hide their interest in the Mick championship. Sharing with the media, Toto Wolff, representative of Prema team confirmed that the 19-year-old racer has great potential and can completely go far in the future.

On the Schumacher family side, they have not made any moves after the 19-year-old driver’s championship. As for the legendary Michael Schumacher, he never appeared after a serious ski accident in the Alps in December 2013.

The former Ferrari driver, who won the world championship seven times is still cared for at home in Switzerland. The Schumacher family is quite secretive in revealing the health of this former driver.






Honor the outstanding individuals of F1 racing in 2019 (Part 2)

Ott Tänak (Estonia) also won the first championship in the WRC tournament after surpassing two formidable opponents of this format, Thierry Neuville (Belgium) and Sébastien Ogier (France). WEC meanwhile, the winner is Fernando Alonso’s Toyota # 8, Sébastien Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima.

Hamilton and Mercedes continued to receive more noble titles

As for F1, Lewis Hamilton has officially lifted the prestigious silver trophy for the 6th time in his career after one more dominant season with Mercedes. He had 11/21 victories in 2019, including his 7th coronation in Montreal and Hungary.

Besides, he set a new record for the number of points in a season with 413 points, and continues to increase the achievement of poles and wins, approaching the 90 mark.

Mercedes team also traveled to Paris to receive the 6th team-mate title after balancing Ferrari’s record of consecutive double championships (1999-2004). The remaining driver of the “silver arrow”, Valtteri Bottas, is also present to receive the award for the runner-up driver, after the most successful season of his career.

Max Verstappen has reached the top 3 overall for the first time and also achieved the best result of his career this year. The 22-year-old rider also received another award – Action of the Year (situation of the year) with a fascinating competition with Charles Leclerc at the race in Silverstone, England.

Albon is the best rookie of the year

The good news continued to come to Red Bull when Thai driver Alex Albon became Rookie of the year after a good performance at Toro Rosso and Red Bull with the highest rank was 4th at Suzuka racetrack, Japan. Another noteworthy item of the ceremony is the Person of the Year award to the deceased legend in May, Niki Lauda, ​​a major contributor in the current era of Mercedes dominance.

A few days earlier, the FIA ​​also released a list of the top performing riders Accumulated into FIA’s “Hall of Fame” in this “2019 generation”. FIA’s “Temple of Fame” is a place to honor not only racers but also mechanics and engineers who have made great contributions to motorsport.

Officially established in 2017, the “first generation” of the Temple of Fame includes 33 F1 champions in history. Then the “2018 generation”, in turn, was awarded the honor of 17 rally winners of the rally, and these were 28 WEC champions.

Of these, Alonso is the only person to be honored twice for being crowned in both F1 and WEC in his career. The Spaniard is still pursuing an unfinished Triple Crown dream with the missing Indy500 championship.








Seoul will host its first Formula E race in the summer of 2020

António Félix da Costa (Portugal) will replace Lotterer at DS Techeetah, along with the only one who has won Formula E twice and defending champion Jean-Éric Vergne. The position Costa left in the BMW team will be transferred to rookie last season Maximilian Günther (Germany), from US racing team GEOX Dragon.

The team will be composed of two rookies, WEC champions 2015 and 2017, former F1 driver Brendon Hartley and Swiss driver Nico Muller. Another rookie is the 2017 endurance GT racing champion, James Calado will also make his debut at Jaguar, replacing Alex Lynn. And finally the NIO team was sold to Lisheng Racing (China) but still racing under the name NIO and the driver Ma Qinghua will have a chance to return to Formula E.

Under the new standard, the use of dual motors has been banned from the 2019/20 season onwards and the energy level allowed when using Attack Mode increased to 10kW, from 225 kW to 235kW.

Drivers are no longer allowed to activate Attack Mode while yellow flags are fluttered on the entire course (Full Course Yellow) or safety vehicles appear. In addition, the fastest rider in the group division race (before the Superpole round) will also get 1 point on the individual rankings.

With the above changes, Formula E will have a record racing team with 12 teams – 24 riders, all undergoing an important test at Ricardo Tormo racetrack, Valencia on days 15, 16 and 18/Last 10. Overall the test results bring the expectation of an attractive season ahead, when on the summary table after 3 days and 6 runs, the fastest lap distance of the top 22 is within 0.966 seconds, except duo of NIO 333.

24 riders had two interesting trial races in pre-season test

Günther and BMW have the fastest performance in 1 minute 15,087s in the last 6th run, second and third are Pascal Wehrlein (Mahindra Racing) and rookie Muller, respectively slower than Günther 0.13 and 0.1111 seconds. Top 3 seasons ago, also the Formula E champions, Vergne-Buemi-Di Grassi did not have very good achievements, respectively ranked 6th, 11th and 17th.


This test is also quite interesting when the racing teams have the opportunity to test their system through 2 unofficial ‘race’ on the afternoon of October 16 and 18. Vandoorne and Buemi are the winners, but it’s important that the data they collect will be of great help in the remaining 1 month of preparation before the first race takes place.












The opponents of F1 racing (Part 1)

After 4 months of suspension from the last race of the 2018/19 season taking place in New York City, USA, the electric motor racing tournament will enter the new season of 2019/20 starting from the end. this November. This promises to be a season with ever higher competition from newcomers as well as new destinations.

The sixth season in the history of the Formula E World Championship will start nearly a month earlier than the fifth season, but will still open in Saudi Arabia with 2 consecutive races taking place in 2 days. This is the second year in a row that the town of Diriyah near Riyadh has the honor to host a Formula E race, also the start of the season, in a long-term agreement of up to 10 years between the two sides. Besides, there are many changes to the racing schedule this season.

Mercedes officially joined Formula E from the 2019-20 season

According to the racing plan expected in June 2019, the sixth season will still include 14 races like the previous season. There was a race scheduled to take place on December 14, 2019 but had to be adjusted because it coincided with the ‘8-hour race in Bahrain’ of the WEC endurance race (and by many Formula E riders attending both at the WEC tournament) so they were forced to miss 1 of 2 events).

Hong Kong ePrix is ​​expected to return for the fourth year in a row but the current political unrest has caused the race to cancel, making way for Marrakesh ePrix (Morocco) to appear for the fourth time in the last five years.

Sanya ePrix in China on March 21, 2020 will also be entangled in the ‘1000 miles at Sebring (USA)’ section of the WEC tournament but the change is not feasible, so maybe some riders will be absent from the race in March next year.













Experience you should know when betting on horse racing

Online horse racing betting or virtual horse racing is like any other sports betting game, players cannot rely on their own risk but requires professional knowledge and experience. Only certain experts can win. You want to become a super player like the famous betting players in the world, so how to capture yourself the knowledge and how to play so effectively when betting horse racing online. Let’s find out through the article below.

When participating in online betting, if you want to win, you need to understand and remember the following.

Considering the situation of the ongoing race, if there are changes that change the situation too quickly, it should change direction. Specifically, if the game takes place but suddenly there is a downpour, the horses with the advantage of sunny weather will have difficulty playing in this condition. It means that the outcome of the match has been changed. Players should choose horses that adapt well to the rain conditions and the house rate of the house will also change quickly.

Which old horse and strong horse should choose to bet?

Perhaps this is the common question of many horse racing enthusiasts online to advise players to choose an old horse or a strong horse because the old horse has endurance and the other is faster. Depending on the climate and terrain, which horse to choose better adapted because of its ability to finish early.

A few other factors that players also need to consider such as the performance of the horse before the race day and the day of the race to ensure health. If its health has not been good before, then you should consider carefully choosing it.

Also, you need to find out all the information about the gods involved in the match, its playing history, the current health condition, good playing conditions under what conditions.









F1, Mexican GP racing: Ferrari picks up the chances from Max Verstappen (Part 2)

At the end of the Q1 qualifying lap, Ferrari driver Charles achieved 1 minute 16 seconds 364 ‰ of the top 3. Meanwhile the defending champion is slower than the leader 0.475 seconds ranked shortly thereafter. The main driver of the Ferrari team had lower results when it was slower than the leader of the team to 0.747 seconds, ranking 5th on the Q1 achievement chart.

The highlight of this classification race is Daniil Kvyat of Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda, who, although being slower than 1,092 seconds, is still the one who blocked the top 6 of the Q1 rankings. Elsewhere, Mercedes Valtteri Bottas racer also unexpectedly had very poor results, slower than the leader to 1,113 seconds and the Finnish driver only registered his name in the 8th position.

After two weeks of travel from Russia, the last week of October 2019, Mexico is welcomed to F1 racing village at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez and De México Grand Prix 2019 race.

Returning to the main events of the first class race (Q1), after the green light was turned on, driver Russell was also the first to appear on the track with the car with a tire C4 symbol.

The duo of the Haas racing team also took part in the warm-up, but the race had to issue a yellow flag warning immediately after the incident of Romain Grosjean at the corner of the first corner. Through a slow broadcast of the television show that the French racer lost control at the corner, the car continued to run straight before crossing the curb and the VF-19 was reversed.

After the yellow flag signal went out, all riders were on the track to compete for the ticket to the next qualifying round, all using soft compound tires. The aerodynamic strength of the Red Bull Racing team immediately took effect in lands with an average height of 2,240 meters above sea level.

The duo of their riders immediately took over and divided the two top spots in the leaderboard, of which the fastest was the main driver of the Max Verstappen racing team with a record of 1 minute 15 seconds 949 ‰. And Thailand-born team-mate racer Alexander Albon was just 0.26 seconds slower, right after that.





Leclerc received two sentences in Suzuka

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc was fined a total of 15 seconds and fell one step, for two errors in the Japanese F1 race on October 13.

Leclerc is penalized for five seconds for crashing into Max Verstappen (Red Bull) after starting, and 10 seconds for continuing to race without going into the pit to replace broken parts. The penalty caused the Monaco driver to fall from Friday to Saturday, after Daniel Ricciardo (Renault).

“Ferrari did not ask Leclerc to return to the pit at the end of the first round. After that, they continued to disregard the supervisors when letting Leclerc race another round without guaranteeing safety. Ferrari caused unsafe on the track and had the risk of creating an accident linked to the accident, “notices from paragraph monitors.

Leclerc crashes into Verstappen at Turn 2, after starting. The collision caused the Red Bull racer to fall to the bottom and then give up. The Leclerc SF90 had a broken front panel that left the wind on the left. Leclerc continued racing and made part of this part crashed, flying into the right-hand mirror of Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes). Another part also flew into the front brake disc of Lando Norris (McLaren). In the third round, Leclerc new pit. Because the brake disc was affected, Norris also had to enter the pit early in the fourth round.

The loss of rearview mirror does not make Hamilton into the pit early. But, he only finished third after Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) and Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari).

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc confirmed that he still believes in his team-mate Sebastian Vettel after the incident in the Russian GP race.