Top the most memorial races in Grand Prix all the time

All fans of speed races should know about Grand Prix races. It is well-known as one of the biggest motorbike races in the world which collect series of stars and famous brands to join.

Looking back history of Grand Prix races, we share top the most memorial races in Grand Prix ever organized in history. Actually, the ranking is a small part in total races of Grand Prix ever.

1/ The Transatlantic Races in 1987

The transatlantic races were the amazing events during the 70s and 80s in the UK and USA. It was considered as an incredible phenomenon when there were many talents found out such as Cal Rayborn, Kenny Roberts, Wanyne Rainey or Freddie Spencer. At this event, it was a good opportunity for big brands show off their outstanding product as Yoshimura GSX-R750, Honda VFR750. In general, the transatlantic races had series of new records in the international motorbike races.

The transatlantic race held in 1987 was a memorial event in Kevin Schwantz and Wayne Rainey’s career. The pair competed in a fair basking. As good result, they got the record together in the Brands Indy. Some fans said that it was impossible because they were rivals, but actually they did it together side by side.

2/ The Swedish Grand Prix in 1983

This was one of the most memorial events of Kenny Robert. But it was loss when he made serious mistakes about the limit and risk.

Freddie Spencer was his opponent who was appreciated less than Kenny Robert. Spencer drove a three-cylinder Hondo in this race.

During the race, Kenny always reached good performance. But in some last minutes, he braked late so it reduced his speed then Spencer overcame him and the last remaining corner to reach winning finally in the race.

All fans of Kenny felt so disappointed in these last minutes.